4  Reasons to Visit the “Ithaki” Restaurant in Samos

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Samos is an amazing Greek island best known for its wonderful beaches but most of all for its astonishing greenery! A true heaven on earth as some would say… One of the most integral parts of the Samos experience is of course the rich, traditional cuisine and fresh seafood which you should definitely taste while visiting. Finding a place that combines the island’s unique setting with the exquisite local flavors would be ideal! This is where the “Ithaki” restaurant in Samos comes in… Let’s see 4 reasons why visiting “Ithaki” simply has to be part of your Samos trip!

1. The Food
“Ithaki” Restaurant offers a great variety of authentic Greek flavors, traditional cuisine and fresh seafood. All the dishes are of fresh, local produce and are just as healthy as they are delicious! These are the main values of this restaurant in Samos! Mousaka, stuffed tomatoes, fried fresh calamari, grilled octopus, fried scampi meat, fresh vegetable risotto and marinated fresh chicken breast are just some of the delicacies you could taste while enjoying your time there! A true local culinary experience awaits you!

2. The Setting
This restaurant in Samos is situated in a privileged location of the island. It is surrounded by nature, full of greenery and promises to give you a unique dining experience in the most wonderful setting! Traditional cuisine and fresh seafood are combined with an environment of exceptional beauty… The perfect choice for nature lovers and anyone who wishes to get away from everyday reality and enter an enchanting world of relaxation and serenity. You just can’t miss it!

3. The Entertainment
The “Ithaki” restaurant is definitely a relaxing place. However, on Saturdays a group of musicians is there to entertain all guests with live music! When great food is combined with great music fantastic moments are bound to take place… Other than that, the restaurant offers its premises for events such as weddings, professional happenings or dinner parties! Who wouldn’t want to have a wonderful event in such an amazing location, surrounded by nature and accompanied by the traditional cuisine or fresh seafood of the restaurant? Start planning right now!

4. The Facilities
The “Ithaki” premises are quite spacious indoors, as well as outdoors and there are tons of options for potential visitors. Upon your arrival you will find 18 mini-golf terrains for children and adults, a bicycle renting center with mountain and electric bikes, a magical garden with 100 different types of vegetables and herbs, a section for cooking tips and traditional cuisine recipes and an information desk for walking paths and trails in the area. The possibilities are endless and this place is giving you the chance to combine fine dining with adventure. Thrill seekers of all ages will love this Samos restaurant!

It’s time to start the journey in search of “Ithaki” just like Odysseus once did…

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